Los Angeles-based photographer Caesar Lima’s portraits come with a certain choose-your-own-adventure quality to them, emphasized by his myriad of protagonists from mad scientists to Hollywood seductresses.

Caesar was born in São Paulo, Brazil and with a Bachelor's of Art in Advertising, he always had the passion and drive to go against the creative grain.

Working with clients like Sony, T-Mobile, K-Swiss, and Wella, Caesar says to make a good portrait is a challenge "as there has to be plenty of expression, mood and attitude to create that one successful image."


2021 Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide                   

2021 Moscow Awards
2021 AP37 Chosen Award
2021 International Color Awards
2021 Lens Culture
2020 MIFA Awards
2020 PX3 Grand Prix Paris
2020 AP36 Chosen Award
2020 Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide
2019 One Eyeland Worlds Top 10 Fashion Awards
2019 PX3 Grand Prix Paris
2019 TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards
2019 Top 10 Fine Art Photo One Eyeland
2019 One Eyeland Awards
2018 IPA Awards
2018 One Eyeland Awards
2017 The Face - Digital PhotoPro 
2017 Spider Awards
2017 Best of The Best Photographers Book
2016 Digital PhotoPro - The Face
2016 Best of The Best Photographers Book
2016 Spider Awards
2016 One Eyeland Awards
2015 IPA Awards
2015 Digital PhotoPro - The Face
2015 One Eyeland Awards
2014 Rangefinder The Shot
2013 Spider Awards
2013 IPA Awards
2013 One Eyeland Award
2013 Digital PhotoPro - The Face
2012 PX3 Awards
2012 IPA Awards
2012 One Eyeland Award
2011 IPA Awards
2011 Archive 200 Best
2010 IPA Awards
2010 PX3 Grand Prix Paris
2009 IPA Award,
2009 Addy Award 
2008 Spider Fashion Awards
2007 Create Awards
2007 PX3 Awards
2006 IPA Awards
2006 Create Awards
2004 Maverick Awards